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Students Propose Mock Projects for City Revitalization


Senior Microeconomics students at Crown Point High School were recently tasked with creating mock proposals to Crown Point Mayor Pete Land on ways the government could invest in the community and spur economic growth. Among them, two standout proposals— “Growing Green” and the “Technical Career Center  — led the class.

Seniors Maram Tadros, Caelyn Thiel, Emma Charles, and Helen Swinford created the "Growing Green" project which presents a solution to solid waste management challenges. Their proposal envisions a no-waste landfill at West 137th Avenue, where recyclable items can be repurposed, leading to a cleaner and greener city. “Crown Point is growing and as the population grows, there will be more waste. With our idea, we can manage the waste which will benefit everyone,” Maram Tadros explained. 

Helen Swinford says their idea was inspired by TikTok. “A girl in Hawaii opened a zero-waste facility which really helped keep her community clean," Swinford said. Caelyn Thiel added, “Crown Point is where we live. We need to take pride in our city (by keeping it clean) and show people why Crown Point is great.” 

students stand in front of presentation with text "Career Center"

Students Tyler Foster, Mary Beverage, and Lillian Caddick created a compelling proposal for a Technical Career Center at East Summit Street. This initiative aims to address the high demand for skilled tradespeople by providing specialized training and education for high school graduates seeking alternative career paths. "As a younger person, I feel that it is hard to have a voice in government, and this project was a great way to express how I think the community could be improved,” Foster said. Mary Beverage added that "There is always a need for technical workers in the United States. By giving individuals real hands-on training, it will prepare them for a great career in the trades."

Teacher Eric Arcella was impressed by his students and their creativity. "Typically, when students are given this scenario, they want to bring a trendy restaurant or amusement park to the city. However, I challenged them to think of projects that would be a great long-term investment. Giving students the opportunity to create and express themselves will always unlock the hidden potential and knowledge of our learners."