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Staffing Status Amidst Hiring Challenges

Headlines throughout the country are highlighting teacher shortages, but where does Crown Point Community School Corporation stand? Hiring is challenging in many industries right now, and education is no exception. We hope that by providing the following update, parents and community members have a clear understanding of current staffing in our schools.

Certified Teachers

We are fortunate to have all of our teaching positions filled for the 2022-2023 school year. CPCSC continues to be a ‘destination district,’ and we have many applicants for teaching positions. Historically high raises the past two years contributed to our teachers being among the highest paid in the state. Our benefits and family-first work environment are also a draw for many candidates.

In years to come, the most challenging teaching positions to fill will be those that are highly specialized. Competition is high for qualified teachers in career and technical education, advanced placement/dual credit classes, and certain STEM courses. Special education positions are also difficult to staff.

Each year, we receive many applications for teaching jobs between April and June. As we approach the school year in July, it becomes harder to fill positions, so we strive to staff our certified teachers as early as possible, before the previous school year ends.

Ultimately, the greatest resource to our district is our human resources. Qualified teachers and staff keep our district among the top in the state. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with the Crown Point Education Association. 

Classified / Support Staff

In our transportation department, we are short-staffed but functioning. All available drivers - including our mechanics and office staff with CDLs - are driving routes. We have not had to make changes to routes yet, but further staff shortages in transportation could result in changes. We offer competitive rates and paid training for drivers to earn their CDL. 

Our food services department needs applicants for monitors, cooks, and servers in most of our buildings. We recently increased the pay rate in this department and hours are convenient for those who have children in school. 

Finally, we are always in immediate need of paraprofessionals - an essential resource for providing support to students. There are different types of paraprofessionals who work with students ages preschool through 22. Paras works 7-hour days and pay is determined by the type/placement.

Anyone interested in applying for a job with CPCSC can visit our website at