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October 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The agenda for this meeting can be found at this link. Video links below take you directly to that section of the meeting.

Patrons Registered to Comment on Educational Issues – none

Consent Agenda

  • Approval to appoint Lauren Zurbriggen to Crown Point Library Board of Trustees (through December 31, 2024)
  • Recurrent Grants - Approval to apply for and receive the Indiana Department of Education Alternative Education Grant and the Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant

Action Items

  • 2022-2023 Revision to CPHS Textbook Rental and Supply Fees - Minor changes to textbook rental that were not ready for the annual approval of textbook fees earlier this summer. The largest increase was $9. Some courses decreased in fees.
  • Administrator Computer Update - Computers for administrators have reached the end of the replacement cycle. Teacher computers were replaced in 2019.
  • Approval for a 5-Year Agreement with Powerschool Group for Student Information System - This student information system will replace our current program, RDS. More information about the transition to Powerschool will be available in the upcoming months.
  • One-year Extension of Healtheaccess Clinic Agreement - This clinic is available to all CPCSC employees and their dependents who receive insurance through the district. Employees can receive basic medical services and some medications free of charge. The district pays for this partnership with Franciscan.
  • Approve 2023 Budget Forms and Resolutions - These approvals are for the annual bus replacement and capital projects plan. Documents are available on the business department page of the district’s website.

Information/Recognition Items

  • Director of Elementary Education – Thank you to our teachers as we have a busy week of parent/teacher conferences. We also thank families for making time for us to share information with them and partner for the success of our students. We also have Red Ribbon Week this week, and our schools do a great job promoting health and safety at school.
  • Director of Secondary Education – On September 28/29 Mr. Gianfermi, Ms. Paskis, Ms. Oost, and Mr. Rodriguez attended the ICASE conference to present information about the Exceptional Education Department and Col. Wheeler Middle School’s efforts to place more exceptional learners in the general education classroom. There was great feedback about the presentation and the team returned with additional ideas to grow even more. The team will present the same information at the state principals’ association next month.
  • Director of Exceptional Education – For our exceptional education students in high school and 18-22 year old program, we are tasked with providing vocational skills training. We have a great community partnership with the YMCA who is providing work experience so our students have new skills. Centier Bank is co-teaching personal finance at the high school for some students. Gelsosomos and Station 21 have also employed some of our learners for vocational skills. Marissa Duppstadt is our Transition Coordinator and has done a great job creating these partnerships.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – We received the first of two activity buses. We purchased these quite a while ago but supply chain issues delayed them. We are excited to have these added to our fleet, and you will see them across the district soon.
  • Director of Communications – Thanks to Chris Phillips in our technology department who continues to refine ParentSquare data so that we can move forward with this valuable tool. We hope to open this up to teachers at the start of next semester.
  • Superintendent of Schools – We have a group of 12 faith leaders who represent different religions in our district who are forming a Faith Response Team. They will partner with our safety and security team to learn about how they can help in the event of a crisis. In addition, Eisenhower Elementary has officially kicked off their construction projects and we’re looking forward to progress there.

Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • Mr. Warne – Recognized Dave Coulson, our Director of Safety and Security. There are a number of recent safety improvements led by Mr. Coulson, and he does a great job of investigating and supporting any potential issues directed his way.
  • Mr. Smith – Has been touring schools with Mr. Warne recently. One thing that was clear is that communication between schools and central office as well as between our schools and first responders has improved. Also recognized the teachers for their flexibility despite a lack of space in many of our buildings. It is not easy, and they have done a great job adapting to serve students.

Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Warne – thank you to the Touchdown Club and the amazing amount of support they’ve provided to students in their program. They fully fund their own endeavors.
  • Mr. Babjak – heard from many people who said they appreciated the longer fall break. Hopefully our teachers had time to rest as well.
  • Mr. Angel – recognized members of the administrative team who have been presenting at state conferences. The board would love to watch copies of the presentations if they are available. Also wanted to recognize the many fall sports who had success this season. Thanks to coaches and parents for all their support because they contribute to student success.