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September 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The agenda for this meeting can be found at this link. Video links below take you directly to that section of the meeting.

Patrons’ Comments - none

Public Hearing

  • 2023 Budget, 2023 Capital Projects, and 2023 Bus Replacement Plan – holding initial hearing, no action to take tonight. The information is posted on our Department of Business & Finance webpage.
  • Additional appropriation - $5 million bond proceeds that will be spent on projects that were approved last month.

Consent Agenda

  • Approval to apply for and receive three grants: IDOE Leadership and Innovation Grant, Secure and Safe School Grant, IDOE Title 1, Part A: Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards Grant

Action Items

  • Approval to apply for and receive grant funds from CPC Foundation Grant and TechPoint Foundation Grant for Solon Robinson Robotics Club
  • CPHS Latin classes/club participation in IJCL out-of-country field trip to Italy and the CPHS German club/class out-of-country field trip to Germany and Austria
  • Update Policy 7540.02 - Web Content, Services and Apps – Policy provides provisions for CPHS student journalism classes to use an outside website provider not on the corporation’s servers because of the curricular need of their programs.
  • Final Bond Resolution #816
  • Construction Management & Design Services – Bulldog Park Building - Approval of the agreement we will use with the City of Crown Point so that we can move forward with this project.
  • Donation – Approved $3 million donation for the baseball and softball complex. Donor wishes to remain anonymous at this time.
  • Bid Packages for Eisenhower Elementary, Athletic Turfs, and CPHS Athletic Fields improvements approved

Information Items

  • Superintendent's Discussion Groups – No updates
  • Director of Elementary Education – Thank you to our specialist who work to support our teachers and staff. We added these roles throughout the last two years and they have been a great enhancement to our elementary structure.
  • Director of Secondary Education – CPHS graduation rate is 98.3% - a huge accomplishment given the last three years. We also did a reunification exercise last week, and our team had valuable practice by participating in the event.
  • Chief Academic Officer – September 21 was our first asynchronous e-learning day. A lot of preparation is required for this so that our staff can participate in meaningful learning, planning, and training. As we continue to work on a unified system of instruction, 111 staff members started this evening on another inclusion course about Universal Design for Learning. We are looking forward to our first LEARN Academy for teachers that will happen later this fall.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – We are checking in with our new teachers at all of our buildings. Thank you to Mr. Gianfermi for his work on the reunification exercise.
  • Director of Communications – Our Coffee & Conversation events have been well attended. Our next one is October 6 at 9:30 a.m. We had to cancel our November date because of a scheduling conflict, but we will schedule more dates for second semester.
  • Superintendent of Schools – Ambassador Program begins Wednesday morning this week. We’re thrilled that our construction projects are continuing either on schedule or even ahead of schedule in a couple of places.

Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • Mr. Warne – questions about NWEA being an adaptive test. Based on student responses, the test will adjust questions to provide a more accurate indication of where students are performing.
  • Mr. Smith – had an opportunity to walk through open houses at the start of school. Feedback from students and teachers indicates that the new Clear Touch panels are going well and everyone is adjusting to the new tool.

Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Smith – Thank you to Mr. Gianfermi for the efforts to create a reunification plan and run the drill last week.
  • Mr. Angel – Hello to the Boy Scout group visiting the meeting tonight and thank you for attending. Thanks to St. Mathias Church for their cooperation and graciousness during the construction projects and events we have going on.
  • Mr. Warne – Welcome to our new transportation director and best wishes to Ms. Vasquez as she retires at the end of this year.