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Crown Point Robotics Have Another Great Season

Crown Point Community School Corporation's VEX Robotics teams have had a fantastic season, with many teams achieving outstanding results. This year, over 9,000 high school Vex Robotics Challenge (VRC) teams worldwide represented 50 nations, and 800 teams from 41 countries attended the World Championships in Dallas, TX. Among them were Crown Point Community School Corporation's teams, who have achieved more than a few feats throughout the season.

Indiana is one of the most competitive states in the country for robotics, with 226 high school VRC teams. Crown Point High School's VEX Robotics is currently the largest high school VEX organization in the state of Indiana, both in terms of student participants and individual sub-teams. At most regional tournaments, Crown Point High School represented more than 20% of the total number of teams in attendance.

CPHS robotics attended 10 regional, 2 signature, a state, and a world tournament this year. This means that the students who made Worlds spent a total of 21 days at some sort of tournament this season.

As a combined team, the students won nine regional tournament champion awards, five regional robot skills champion awards, 10 regional judged awards plus an excellence award, and all teams were in the top 25% of world skills rankings, with four teams in the top 10%. They also won one state judged award, one state divisional finalist award, one worlds divisional judged award, and one worlds divisional finalist award.

Crown Point High School had nine teams compete at state, the largest contingent from any one school or organization at the high school level. Of those, 24 teams were invited to the World Championships.

One of the most successful Worlds teams at Crown Point High School in at least 10 years was 1233W. The team members won two-time regional tournament champions, four-time regional robot skills champion, regional create and sportsmanship awards, and had a world skills ranking of 58. They were finalists at State and finalists in their division at Worlds, achieving 2nd place in their division.

Taft Middle School's Team 33334A, comprised of sixth-graders, worked hard and made it to Worlds. They ended the event 51st in their division. Team 33334E competed for the third time in middle school, ending their run 22nd in their division. Their scores put them within the top 6% and 3% in the world. Both Byting Bulldogs teams from Col. Wheeler Middle School had a great season, coming in 55th place in their respective divisions at Worlds.

The team from MacArthur Elementary sustained a broken robot during their competition, which placed them last in their division. However, the knowledge gained from the experience will undoubtedly have these students prepared to take on a successful robotics season next school year.

Crown Point Community School Corporation is incredibly proud of all its robotics teams and their achievements throughout the season.

CPHS robotics teams are listed below with their awards for this year.



Team Members


Myles Joshua Querimit

Dexter Kiger

Cesar Querimit

Iris Estrada

Regional Tournament Champions

Regional Robot Skills Champion

World Skills Ranking 373

Quarterfinalist at State

Made Worlds based on Skills Ranking at State

Worlds Divisional Build Award Winner


1233G (Girl Powered Team)

Team Members


Macy Achtzehn

Alex (Abby) Frahm

Brianna Johnson

Lexi Pryde

Hannah Flewelling (Senior)

2-time Regional Tournament Champions

3-time Innovate Award (Regional, Signature, State)

Regional Design and Judges Award

Region Excellence Award

World Skills Ranking 461

Quarterfinalist at State

Made Worlds based on Innovate Award at State

Worlds record 5 – 5 Ranked 25th in Division.  



1233W (Most successful Worlds team at CPHS in at least 10 years)

Team Members


Simon Kuiper

Danny Crnokrak (Senior)

Ethan Rajcinoski (Senior)

Cameron Mucha (Senior)

Caleb Kuiper (Senior)

Lucas Prince (Senior)

2 – time Regional Tournament Champions

4 – time Regional Robot Skills Champion

Regional Create and Sportsmanship Awards

World Skills Ranking 58 (1st invitation to Worlds purely on skills score)

Finalist at State (2nd Invitation to Worlds)

Finalist in their Division at Worlds
(2nd Place in their division)



Team Members


Eli Stoelb

Daniel Dillner

Austin Farrier

2-time Regional Semifinalists

World Skills Ranking 921



Team Members


Broden Sturgill

Michael Van Sickle

Jack Pendleton

London Reiter

Regional Tournament Champions

World Skills Ranking 1702



Team Members


Nick Billeck

Dominic Graegin

Dylan Bulla

James Mullally

Colin Whitehead (Senior)

Caleb Bouton

Regional Tournament Champions

Regional Judges Award

World Skills Ranking 1244

Quarterfinalist at State




Team Members


John Heiligstedt

Aarnav Parulekar

Samuel McGrath

Regional Tournament Champions

World Skills Ranking 1130



Team Members


Tyler Springsteen

Connor Bowers

Liam Brown

Katie Crnokrak

Christian Petreski

Matthew Chip (Senior)

Abigail Tien (Senior)

Regional Tournament Champions

World Skills Ranking 1137

Semifinalist at State




Team Members


Julian Arceo (Senior)

Jeramiah Arona (Senior)

Emily Dill (Senior)

Jackson Wayne

Mark Fogarty

2- time Regional Tournament Finalists

World Skills Ranking 492

Quarterfinalist at State





Team Members


Evelyn Baldwin

Desiree Williams

Sophia Knipper

Christopher Letcher

2- time Regional Tournament Finalists

3 – time Regional Judges Award Winners