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Board Meeting Recap - January 2024

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Consent Agenda 

Action Items

  • 2023 Year-end Appropriation Transfers - these transfers balance the end-of-year budget. Budgets are made approximately 18 months in advance, and the transfers adjust the actual spending in different accounts and line items.

  • Environmental Remediation - Solon Robinson Elementary - as part of the ongoing construction at Solon, the crews will responsibly remove potentially hazardous materials from the building and site.

  • Administration, Jerry Ross, Lake Street, Solon Robinson, Timothy Ball and Winfield Furniture Award - part of the ongoing capital improvement projects, furniture will be purchased for these buildings that align with the furniture already purchased in our other schools/buildings.

  • Disposition of Real Property/Delegation of Authority to Superintendent - part of the process for our district central office and support teams to move to the new admin building on Main Street.


Discussion and Report Items

  • Policy Additions and Revisions - we are updating board policies to be consistent with 2023 legislative changes and policies as recommended by the ISBA. This is a first reading, so there is no vote yet on these policies.

  • 2025-2026 School Calendar - the calendar is posted on our website.


Information/Recognition Items

  • Director of Grants/Assessments - Mr. Hardman provided information about a change in the iLearn testing in the 2025-2026 school year, which will involve checkpoints throughout the year to show student growth. CPCSC will opt-in to try these checkpoint tests in 2024-2025 so that we can better prepare our students for the formal/final changes the following year.

  • Director of Elementary Education - Mr. Ciochina gave an overview of the work elementary teachers and staff complete during scheduled e-learning days, the next of which is Wednesday next week. This includes district-wide grade-level meetings led by principals in the morning and inclusion/UDL in the afternoon.

  • Director of Secondary Education - Mrs. Ramirez also provided an overview of the PD for secondary staff on January 31st. UDL and inclusion for all secondary teachers will take place in the morning. Teacher and admin-led PD at buildings will also take place including instructional technology, data analysis, and student engagement strategies. Co-teaching general and exceptional education teachers will have time for collaboration. Mrs. Ramirez recognized Taft Middle School who held their first Science Olympiad competition. The competition included 23 different topics/events.

  • Director of Exceptional Education - Mrs. Paskis shared that their department’s Parent Advisory Group meeting was this month. The group took a tour of the building and heard department updates. Parents previewed the new RoboKind robots. They are working on implementing parent resources for parents navigating the special education process. On January 31, speech language pathologists will be working with paraprofessionals on communication techniques, applied skills teachers will receive training in curriculum, elementary resource teachers will have training from school psychologists and diagnosticians for mild disability accommodations, EE staff members will also be part of the UDL/inclusion team meetings.

  • Assistant Superintendent - Mr. Gianfermi thanked our staff for the work they put in to scheduled e-learning days to make PD a valuable experience.  He recognized Taft for their robotics tournament and Science Olympiad competition. CPHS Vex Robotics team will be headed to Wisconsin for a tournament at Lambeau Field this weekend. CPHS, through the hard work of Associate Principal Lynn Alkire, will be receiving a Perkins Grant for additional funding of the CNA lab of about $39,000. 

  • Chief Human Resources Officer - Thank you to Supervisor of Security and Safety Dave Coulson for the help he provides doing wellness checks for families and validating residency issues. Internally, we are beginning to look at staffing, class sizes and planning for next school year.

  • Chief Financial Officer - Thank you to the business office for their prompt work on the end-of-year financials. 

  • Director of Communication - Mrs. Allen shared a video of the RoboKind robots in action. Thanks to our Digital Media Specialist Rutch Johnson for his work creating this video.

  • Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Terrill recognized our maintenance team who work very hard to maintain our buildings and grounds in winter. Thanks to Marty Freeman, Director of Transportation, who begins driving our roads at 3:30 in the morning to help provide info for delays/closing. Thank you to the school board in honor of School Board Appreciation Month. 


Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • As the legislative liaison for the board, Mr. Vassar gave an update regarding the legislative session. He will be at the statehouse in February.

  • Mr. Smith asked about the transition from RDS to PowerSchool. Mr. Gianfermi gave an overview of the progress, including additional training for staff, and gradually pulling information from RDS. Transcripts are ready now, which was a very large task.


Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Vassar - thank you to our school crossing guards for all of their work, especially in adverse weather. They are vital to student safety.

  • Mr. Angel - Great job to the Blazers, our exceptional education cheer group, at the game this weekend. Thank you to the custodial staff and those who were involved in the clean up of the water issue at Taft last week. The Science Olympiad event was also fantastic this weekend.