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Planning Timelines and Checklists

Freshman Year

When you first begin high school, graduation may seem like a distant goal.  However, in a few short years, you may be applying to college(s) or going into the workforce!  The grades you earn in freshman year influence your options in your senior year.  You do not want to look back on your freshman year grades and wish you had done better.  If you find yourself struggling, seek out help early on by asking your teacher for extra help, seeking out tutoring options, or utilizing other free community resources.  Do not wait until you are too far behind to catch up!

Make sure you talk to your counselor about the different diploma tracks and courses available to you.  If you are working towards the Academic Honors Diploma or Technical Honors Diploma, make sure you check out the requirements for these diplomas as they have additional requirements beyond the Core 40 diploma.  If there is a specific career you are interested in, make sure you are checking to see if CPHS offers any courses that may be beneficial.

When you begin to think about scheduling classes for your sophomore year, keep in mind that colleges look at the classes you choose to take.  You should take a rigorous curriculum that includes courses that both interest and challenge you. It is very easy to bring your GPA down, but it is not easy to bring it back up.  

Most students change their mind about their career paths at least once or twice during the course of high school, so it’s important that you stay knowledgeable about what career you are interested in and which courses would be most beneficial for you to take.



Scheduling Timeline for 2021-2022

January 4-29th

Students are encouraged to explore course descriptions and course catalogue, which can be found by clicking on "Scheduling Information" located below.

February 8-12th Current 10th grade students will meet with their counselors.
February 16-19th All virtual students will meet with their counselors via phone calls or through Zoom conferences.
February 22-26th Current 9th grade students will meet with their counselors.

March 1-5th

Current 11th grade students will meet with their counselors.


2021-2022 Scheduling