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One of the capstone experiences for CPHS students includes the opportunity to enroll in an internship or work-based learning program. The experience is designed for seniors to assist working professionals in a career field of interest before deciding to spend time and money on a post-secondary program.

The opportunity to observe the skills needed to perform job related tasks is invaluable for students as they consider different college and career options. These experiences often reaffirm a students’ post-secondary goals, or in some cases, cause a student to consider different options.

CPHS currently provides internships in the following areas: medical and health related services, education, engineering, veterinary science, manufacturing, hospitality, office management, child care, transportation, culinary arts, criminal justice, and supervision.

Students typically attend high school for a half-day and work at least 8 hours per week during the internship. Students are also required to have completed an online high school course, Preparing for College and Careers, prior to beginning their internship or work-based learning program.

Questions about WBL – Internship may be directed to Mrs. Ginny Zega at 663/4885, extension 11277 or

2024-2025 Internship Program Application